Climate Finance Governance and RTI training for Public Information Officers in Male’

On 26th April, TM conducted a Climate Finance Governance (CFG) and Right To Information (RTI) training for Public Information Officers (PIOs) of Male’ based climate stakeholders. The aim of the training was to sensitise them to CGF and the important role they play in it. And also to advocate for the changes in the process of accessing information in order to improve the implementation of the RTI law.

A total of 9 PIOs participated in the training. 3 representatives from the Information Commission (ICOM) also took part in some of the sessions. As well as presenting a session in the training. This training was a collaboration with TM‘s Local Government Project (BAARU) and ALAC.


At the end of the training, the PIOs were given a chance to propose action points to improve the RTI process, that was submitted to ICOM with a letter from TM. On behalf of the training participants, on 17th May, TM met with ICOM senior staff to discuss recommendations and possible solutions. ICOM took recommendations positively and are willing to work with TM address the issues in the current regulations and the process of accessing information.

With the help of training participants, TM produced RTI awareness and lobbying video clips that can be viewed on our social media pages: Vid 01, Vid 02, Vid 03, Vid 04.


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