Global Corruption Report 2010: Climate Change

The Global Corruption Report is an annual publication produced by Transparency International. The report is based on research conducted on corruption in various areas and also includes recommendations on how to best tackle these problems.
The 2010 publication of the Global Corruption report was focused on Climate Change and was nationally launched in the Maldives on 26th June, 2011.

Speakers at the ceremony who shared their perspectives on the importance of Climate Governance include then Minister of Finance and Treasury Mr. Ahmed Inaz, British Council’s Climate Champion Mr. Hamza Khaleel and the Chairperson of Transparency Maldives Mr. Mohamed Rasheed Bari.

This article regarding the launch of the Global Corruption Report 2010: Climate Change will provide further details on the report and its importance in the national context.

You can also download the full Global Corruption Report 2010 here.

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